Marylanders United to Stop Slot

Thank you for all of your efforts to try and keep slots out of our Constitution - and out of Maryland. We may have come up short, but we have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we have every reason to hold our heads high and be proud: we took a principled stand, stood up and spoke out against a bad plan and ran a powerful and passionate campaign. More importantly, we reminded the insiders and the special interests that they're going to have a fight on their hands every time they try to tear down Maryland's values and tear apart our State Constitution.

We were outspent by nearly 10-1. We had the establishment against us, the lobbyists and the special interests they represent - and we had the deep-pockets of the national gambling industry pouring money into our state in record amounts. They ran deceptive T.V ads, manipulated the ballot language, misstated the facts, and made promises that they will never, ever be able to keep. But hundreds of thousands of voters all across Maryland saw through this and stood up for what is right and let their voices be heard and I salute them for doing so.

Today we begin a new day. Local communities all across Maryland will begin to wrestle with this issue anew, deciding whether to change their planning and zones laws to allow slots machine casinos. And in Annapolis, we will continue the hard work of getting our State's finances in order.

The reality is that the task of balancing our state budget and meeting our critical needs has been made that much harder because so much has been promised to so many. People have been told that they can get something for nothing, and we all know that that is not the case.

I pledge to continue my efforts to help Maryland manage through this difficult economic period. I will continue to fight for belt-tightening in our State government, just as Maryland families have had to tighten their belts. I will continue to fight the lobbyists and the tax loopholes that only benefit the special interests. I will continue to fight to level the playing field so that working families don't get stuck yet again. And I'll fight to make sure Maryland taxpayers don't get fleeced if this bad slots plan falls flat.

Again, thank you for your hard work and your support. We took a principled stand, a stand for our future and a stand for Maryland's values. We can be proud of our efforts, and we will continue to stand together as we move forward.

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